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Do we know ourselves?

Many times we silver if we know ourselves, if we are what we believe about ourselves or if we are forgetting that other part of our personality that we call unconscious.

What is psychoanalysis?

Psychoanalysis is a method developed to know ourselves through the study of the functioning of our mind or psychic apparatus. Until relatively recently the unconscious was still something totally unknown, but Dr. Sigmund Freud developed a theory and a method with which we can know that important part of our personality.

What is it for?

Thanks to this knowledge we can understand how relationships work with others and also where personal conflicts come from.

The study of the unconscious allows us to apply that knowledge about ourselves and others for personal and professional life, as well as its great usefulness for the decision-making processes, personnel selection, artistic processes and even the love relationships.

Who can study it?

Anyone who wants it and has knowledge concerns. We recommend it for professionals from other disciplines such as doctors, psychologists, lawyers, teachers, physios and other health professionals, business people, etc. Studying psychoanalysis opens an important field of knowledge for your professional and personal life, is what we call applied psychoanalysis.

The training in psychoanalysis is aimed at all kinds of people with concerns to know more about themselves and know the theory of the unconscious that studies the functioning of the psychic apparatus, dreams, the origin of psychic conflicts, unconscious intelligence and memory, as well as stops in growth or pathological symptoms.

Everyone can study psychoanalysis, psychoanalysis is for everyone and allows studying all social structures.



Training Seminars

Short courses

Cursos sobre la vida sexual y amorosa
Cursos sobre la vida sexual y amorosa
Curso sobre gestión de conflictos
Curso sobre gestión de conflictos
Cursos para competencias de trabajo en equipo
Cursos para competencias de trabajo en equipo
Cursos para padres
Cursos para padres
Cursos para educadores
Cursos para educadores
Cursos breves de psicoanálisis
Cursos breves de psicoanálisis

Because we?

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We recommend you to study psychoanalysis if you are:

  • Health professional. Physician, psychologist, nurse, dentist, pharmacist, physiotherapist. The unconscious aspects of the therapeutic relationship with the patient are decisive for the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Education professional. Teacher, teacher. You will acquire knowledge about the unconscious bases of learning and keys to transmit the desire for study. Learn how the unconscious relationship works with your students.
  • Professional of the company and the businesses . Businessman, manager, team leader. You will acquire skills to detect psychic and emotional barriers to work performance and enhance personal and professional growth.
  • Professional of the legal field . Judge, lawyer. You will acquire keys for the management of unconscious processes in highly complex legal situations.Unconscious knowledge helps to make good decisions.
  • Professional of the sport Coach, athlete You will acquire knowledge to manage the psychic processes that intervene in sports and team performance. And avoid injuries.You will know how unconscious processes determine success.
  • Professional of politics. Politicians, advisers, trade unionists. You will acquire knowledge about the processes that intervene in negotiations and in the definition of social strategies. The apparatus is psychic and social at the same time. Learn how the human mind works.

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